The best handrails for your home

Choosing the best handrails for your home is just as important as installing the stairs themselves. Both must be done professionally to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Constantly going up and down the stairs will wear down a lot of handrails so it is crucial in choosing the right one for your situation. Before making any purchase there are several things you need to take into consideration about your home and the type of stairs you have.


The style of your home is something that can’t overlook consideration. The style you have essentially determines what type of material is best fitted for handrail. If you are after a traditional rustic look for the main staircase, timber rails would be the way to go. Iron wired rails and balustrades also give an area a rustic feel.

Otherwise if a sleek modern look is more desired, a wrought iron handrail is the best choice. Stainless steel balustrades are also an option when determining what type of material to use.

Outdoor wrought iron handrails and balustrades complement brick styled homes immensely while stainless steel with glass suits concrete and more postmodern houses. Where the stairs are located is also an important factor when choosing the appropriate support.


According to Best in Au the space the handrail is going to accommodate is also something to take into consideration when fitting your home. As a general rule of thumb, ground floor handrails are generally different than those on higher story levels.

Small areas are complemented well with curved iron. Wrought iron handrails with elaborate designs also add beauty and elegance to larger areas. Compact spaces appreciate a monochromatic style such as stainless steel or a dark coloured timber.

The balustrade

The next area to look into is what type of balustrade you are looking for. The balustrade is essentially the style underneath the handrail that holds it in place. Pairing the right materials together really completes a look for your home.

Stainless steel handrails with a glass balustrade are the classic postmodern style, where wrought iron handrails pair well with both timber and other balustrades. If you are to go with a timber handrail the best choice in balustrade would be to go with timber as well.

Interior versus exterior

Is your set of stairs in the safety of your house or braving the harsh conditions that Mother Nature throws at it? Where the stairs are is also a vital consideration to have.

Exterior timber handrails and balustrades must have additional protective coats applied to them in order to combat further erosion. If you live in a cyclone prone area or with children that like to kick balls in the wrong direction, maybe stainless steel with glass isn’t for you.

Something more durable like a timber or wrought iron handrails and balustrades are an appropriate substitute. Really hot climates would definitely prefer timber support rather than metal that could reach dangerous temperatures for small children.

Shaping of the rail and staircase

Stairs and handrails are never a one size fits all. They must accommodate those using it and be at an appropriate height when choosing your design. The shape of the railing also depends upon the balustrade you pick. Make sure that the style of the handrail you choose matches that of the staircase.


Overall making sure the installation is done professionally and safely is a priority. Installing stainless steel or wrought iron handrails yourself could lead to a disaster for your property. Choosing the right service will also add a lot of help to your decision making process when trying to determine your style.

 Outdoor handrails and fences are also important when designing your dream house. They add that extra flair that passer-by’s see and also offer a sense of safety and security for you and your family.

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